Don’t Let Your Customers Be Fooled By Cousin Domains.

Defend Your Brand: Identify Potentially Harmful Look-Alike Domains with ProDiscover.

ProDiscover helps you identify and track look-alike and cousin domains that pose a threat to your brand and stay one step ahead of cyber threats, take immediate action to safeguard your brand identity and customer trust.

Did you know?

Did you know that look-alike and cousin domains are frequently exploited for illicit activities? Criminals leverage these deceptive domains to perpetrate scams, phishing attacks, and other fraudulent activities, often targeting unsuspecting individuals. According to recent statistics, around 85% of large organizations experienced brand abuse in some form, including the use of look-alike domains. This highlights the widespread prevalence and impact of brand-related domain infringements.

With ProDiscover, you gain unparalleled insights into domains that closely resemble your brand, product, or organization. Our advanced algorithms analyze 14 categories of typos, including prefixes, suffixes, and exact string inclusions, ensuring you discover the widest variety of relevant domains. Stay informed about potential instances of domain spoofing and take proactive measures to protect your reputation.

ProDiscover enables you to proactively identify and take action against domains that pose a threat to your brand, product, organization, or other names. By surfacing both existing and new domains that mimic legitimate entities, you can carry out defensive or investigative actions promptly.


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Allot training & assessment immediately after employee gets phished


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