Arm Your Employees Against Phishing Attacks


ProLMS helps you build, track and manage customized training programs for your employees/external parties, for an organization wide awareness drive. ProLMS products can be used to manage individualized training programs for onboarding, development, and compliance training purposes.

Organizations use ProLMS to assign courses to employees or end users, track learners’ progress and take assessments. These courses can be created using built-in features in the LMS or a separate course authoring software.


ProPHISH Integration

Allot training & assessment immediately after employee gets phished.


ProLMS provides you the convenience of tailoring the platform according to your needs.

Progress Alerts

Get notified when learner stops taking the lessons.

Varied Course Packages

Give acess to learners based on their department, etc.

Program Maturity

ProLMS content isn’t typical.- It’s progressive with latest trends of the field .

Easy Doubt Clearance

Learners can easily ask their doubts to the instructor.

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