An email client add-in that empowers your employees to report phishing and notify security teams in real time with the click of a button.


ProPatrol helps you centralize your suspicious mail reporting system. ProPatrol can be used to track and analyse such incidents. Organizations use ProPatrol to standardize their phishing email handling system as it specifies which team/personnel is responsible for taking care of such incidents-hence, avoiding any confusions or mishandlings.



Integration with ProPhish and ProDMARC: For best experience and management, this is a great package deal


100% Customizability- ProPatrol provides you the convenience of tailoring the platform according to your needs

Progress Alerts

It can be well integrated with your email client software, eg: Outlook


Know your employees- Know which of your employees are responsible enough and aware about company’s security needs

Incident Tracking

It allows the employee to track the incident from the very start to the closure

Easy Doubt Clearance

Learners can easily ask their doubts to the instructor

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