Arm Your Employees Against Phishing Attacks with Phishing simulation tool that empowers your employees to recognise phishing attacks.

Phishing Facts

In 2021, 83% of organizations reported phishing attacks, 8% more than the attacks reported in 2020. The number of unique phishing websites was estimated to be around 214,345 last year, and since the beginning of 2020, the number of phishing attacks has doubled. Roughly 90% of data breaches occur on account of phishing.

97 %

An alarming number of users can’t identify a sophisticated phishing email.

85 %

organizations suffered phishing attacks.

81 %

of the phishing attacks involved email domain spoofing.

30 %

of phishing messages were opened by the employees.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a cybercrime in which a target is contacted by email, call, or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure the target into providing sensitive data like personal information including banking and credit card details, passwords, etc. This information is then used to access important accounts which can then lead to identity theft and financial loss.

How does ProPHISH work?


Register with ProPHISH.


Choose a Template for the Campaign.


Choose the Target Group for the Campaign.


Launch a training module & assessment for the Phished employees.


Extensive Template Library

Diversified template library of ProPhish is loaded with ready to use templates of different complexity levels, for different industries

Transparent Visibility

Dynamic dashboard and granular reports will help the administrator to understand the organization's overall awareness level and to identify the segment of users require more focus on security awareness

Granular Progress Tracking

Effectively track various phases of the campaign namely "Email Sent", "Email Open", "Phishing URL Clicked", "Got Phished", "Incident Reported" and "Awareness Taken"

E- Learning & Challenges

Wide range of ready to use awareness modules including infographics, posters, videos and gamified quizzes which can be triggered to the employees on the go

Effective Measurement of Awareness Level

User level and group level profiling allows the administrator to effectively measure the awareness level of the organization's employees

Easy Deployment

SaaS based service offering makes it extremely easy and quick to simulate a phishing awareness campaign for the employees

Import Custom Templates

Bring your own template into the platform through a simple html editor interface and go beyond the pre-built templates

Campaign Progress Alerting

Configure automatic campaign progress alerts to your mailbox and don't worry about logging in daily to monitor the progress

Integrate Your Email System

Integrate your email system to the platform and trigger emails directly from your system and avoid mail delivery issues

Campaign Scheduler

Schedule your future campaign and trigger the e-mails anytime round the clock

Controlled Data Capture

Mask/avoid sensitive information from being captured from the target users and avoid potential privacy concerns

Single Sign On

Enable Single Sign On (SSO) for your users by integrating your active directory through SAML

Why choose ProPHISH?

ProPHISH is a highly effective simulation-based platform to help identify, train and then assess the employees who are susceptible to targeted phishing attacks. Hence, strengthening the weakest link in your organization.
We understand the need of tailor-made (personalized) interactive learning and awareness content and have built a repository of awareness materials including videos, posters, newsletter that will cater to the security awareness needs of all organizations.
We initially started to perform awareness simulations only because of recommendation from our regulators. But the results were very alarming and was an eye opener for us. The experts from ProPhish helped us to tailor an annual awareness strategy. Their huge inventory of ready to use awareness contents helped us to quickly and efficiently deliver the required awareness to our employees.
Insurance Client
User awareness was a major challenge in our company and a lot of our employees are not technically sound. Despite deploying several security controls at our organization, we knew we were not secure from the attacks targeting the lack of awareness among our employees. ProPhish helped us to take a layered approach towards security awareness and to effectively provide awareness to different department employees.
Manufacturing Client
We were actively performing phishing simulations for our employees in the past and the result were consistent every time without any progress in the awareness level. ProPhish helped us to classify our employees based on their awareness levels and to target them with tailored templates which are more specific their departments and to Banking sector. We are now able to see the improvement in their awareness levels.
Banking Client

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