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IS Policy review

IS Policy

Our detailed IS Policy Reviews ensure that your organization has appropriate controls for keeping information secure and thus out of legal trouble.

Cyber Security
                    Maturity Assessment

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

Our in-depth Cyber Security Assessments review your ability to protect information assets and your preparedness for battle against evolving Cyber Threats.

Third party
                    Risk assessment

Third party Risk assessment

The assessment would assess the efficacy of the controls deployed by partners to protect information and/or transactions outsourced.

Incident Response review

The review would identify through walkthroughs, red-team and blue team exercises, the response and remediation processes instituted for incident management.

Application Security

Application Security assessment

In the assessment, we will review all the application's (web, mobile, thick/thin client, API/Web services) to discover any known threats and vulnerabilities based on internationally accepted security frameworks.

Cloud Risk

Cloud Risk

An assessment would include a thorough analysis of the cloud setup of the organization or its service provider to identify threats that could lead to a breach or data loss.


Vulnerability assessment

The vulnerability assessment would identify, define, and prioritize the vulnerabilities of the organization's infrastructure and applications.

Penetration testing


We will use authorized simulated cyber attacks to penetrate the configuration while keeping in mind possible exploitation scenarios using systems like ATT&CK and Cyber kill chain.

Wireless security

Wireless security review

In order to identify all possible loopholes in wireless security protocols such as 802.11 (WiFi), 802.15.1 (Bluetooth), NFC, and RFID, the latest tools will be used to perform an in-depth analysis and assessment.

Forensic assessment


It would help to identify the method of compromise, the extent of damage, and potential detective and preventive measures.

Physical access control
                    & security testing

Physical access control & security testing

The review would include testing the effectiveness of physical security controls for critical premises, such as data centers, central offices, and data processing units.

Network security

Network security review

The Network Security reviews done by our experts cover all the aspects of your organization's network deployment, including the topology.

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