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Progist Email Secure Suite - a comprehensive solution that includes five powerful tools to help you protect your business from email-based cyber threats.

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Progist Email Secure Suite

A comprehensive solution that includes five powerful tools to help you protect your business from email-based cyber threats.

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ProDMARC Product


ProDMARC acts as the shield of any organisation from e-mail based spoofing attacks that impact your brand and hence, your revenues. ProDMARC helps improve customer and third party trust in your email.

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ProDMARC Product


ProPhish is a highly effective simulation based solution for training and identifying employees of your organization, who might be susceptible to targeted Phishing Attacks.

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ProDMARC Product


ProLMS helps you build, track and manage customised training programs for your employees/external parties, for an organisation wide awareness drive. These courses can be created using built-in tools in the LMS or a separate course authoring software.

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ProDMARC Product


ProPatrol facilitates the reporting of alarming phishing attacks that bypass all of your security controls. Hence, allows for deeper forensic investigation by your IT / security team and secure your organization.

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ProDMARC Product


Email based spoofing attacks are constantly mimicking your brand name. ProDiscover helps in identifying and blocking cousin and look-alike domains which may impact your stake holders.

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Ensure that your domain is not being faked.

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Finance (non-banking)

we are used the pro Dmarc product, and this product has some useful capabilities. additionally the product GUI is very easy to understandable, and the vendor team is always available to assist us if we need it.

IT Services

Detailed reporting and easy to implementation and use. The support team is really helpful and provides the required reports/responses in a professional manner and on time. They were available whenever we needed any support from their end.

Consumer Goods Industry

Overall experience with the product has been pretty good. It helps in streamlining the reports for DMARC and helps identifying any issues with the DMARC implementation

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